We are 100% US Based Accountants

We have been keeping client's books virtually since 2010. Clients hire our team of dedicated experienced CFO’s and Accountants as back-office to cut costs and increase profitability.
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CFO + Assigned Accountant
Outsourcing Plan

From $48,000/year
Do us a favor! Calculate and review how much your in-house Accountants cost your organization. Add: - salary, payroll expenses, health insurance, office equipment, training and space costs. Then compare it to our outsourcing cost. If the difference is clear, then you need our outsource Full-Charged Accountants
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Outsourcing Plan

From $24,000/year
Do you have in-house CFO? Every organization needs an experienced Chief Financial Officer and we can provide you one that fits your budget. Do us a favor! Calculate and review how much your in-house CFO cost your organization. Add: salary, payroll expenses, health insurance cost.
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Bookkeeping Plan

From $6000/year
The Self-Service Bookkeeping-Plus plan starts from $500 per month. It is designed for Start-ups and Smaller Organizations who can do some basic bookkeeping themselves in-house under the guardian of our Outsourced CFO. This plan is for start-ups who hate to carry shoe-boxes of financial records
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Who We Serve

Generally speaking, our clients are smaller businesses and non-profit organizations that makes from $500k to $20 Million in sales volumes a year.

Some of the top reasons why business owners do business with us are:
1. Hires too many in-experienced in-house Accountants and Bookkeepers
2. Need to reduce their accounting department overheads and reduce frauds
3. Growing into multiples states and need one consolidated company books

Our accounting outsourcing services is a professional alternative to client’s hiring costly in-house Accountants. Your organization will be assigned a dedicated Accountant who will handle your daily accounting and bookkeeping workload under the supervision of your assigned dedicated CFO. Your organization gets a team of two-for-one dedicated Accountants when you become one of our outsourcing clients.

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