How Outsourcing Method Works

Accountiviti “accounting outsourcing method” is a professionally developed accounting and bookkeeping process designed to service small businesses and non-profit organizations anywhere in the United States. It is not a system, because systems do fail but method never fails.

At Accountiviti, service is what set us apart. That is why we design our Outsourcing Method to better service your needs.

Our Process:

Step 1:

In our experience, most smaller organizations do not have an in-house CFO to manage their accounting department. Their duties are critical to the success of any organization. Therefore, at Accountiviti, we make sure that your company is assigned a CFO to work with your organization to review your current accounting systems to make sure that you have a sound financial system in place that is ready for outsourcing. After our CFO assists you to put a good financial system in place, we will then assign your company an Accountant that will work under the supervision of the CFO to handle your day-to-day accounting and bookkeeping workloads.

Step 2:

Your organization will scan your accounting source documents every business days to your assigned Accountant using Fujitsu ScanSnap provided, save it by naming the documents into our Online-Inbox.

Step 3:

Your assigned Accountant will be notified as soon as source documents were uploaded, then he/she will process the documents using appropriate generally accepted accounting principles to classify them into expenses and income categories. Then, our Accountant performs the necessary data-entry into your company books, and finish the process by attaching the source documents into the appropriate forms in Accounting Relief® or QuickBooks®  – turning your books into a paperless-office.

Step 4:

Once your assigned Accountant finished recording your uploaded documents, your financial reports  will now be available to you via your secure log-in access to your company book to review and print financial reports. It’s that simple and easy!

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