CFO + Assigned Accountant Plan


Starting From
Do us a favor! Calculate and review how much your in-house Accountants cost your organization. Add:-salary, payroll expenses, health insurance, office equipment, training and space costs. Then compare it to our outsourcing cost. If the difference is clear, then you need our outsource Full-Charged Accountants who have the experience to handle all your books daily under the supervision of your assigned CFO.

This plan includes
+ Initial Company Books Set-up or Conversion by our CFO*
+ Assigned Accountant to handle company daily workloads (A/P, A/R, BankRec etc.)
+ CFO Support to Owner and Supervision of Assigned Accountant
+ Prepare Accounting Controls and Procedures Manual
+ Yearly Budget Setup, Financial Review and Compilation by CFO
+ SmartVault Document Management Software to attach documents to QuickBooks
+ 24/7 online access to Company Books and Clients Portal
+ Accounting and Data Center Support during business hours

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* Additional implementation fee applies if we need to set-up your books or no back-up of current-company-data is available.

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