Corporate Credit Services

Accountiviti assist our clients to develop two types of corporate credit describe below:

Business Credit without Personal-Guarantee:

The Business Credit Foundation Service is design for business owners who need corporate credits without-personal-guarantee (meaning obtaining business credit without using your Social Security Number but your Federal ID Number). We can help you develop a Corporate Credit Business Profile with all the 3 Business Credit Agencies to make sure that you have perfect Paydex Score of 80 and above base on payment history. Accountiviti will also assist your company with lists of Vendors that would give your company Corporate Credits based on your Federal ID Number.

Setup Fee:

You will pay DNBI Credit Builder-Plus monthly fee – $149 per month, Experian Business Credit Advantage for $189/year and Equifax Business Credit Monitoring & Reports for $199.95/year with your credit card. Accountiviti one-time cost for Corporate Credit Foundation Set-up and mentoring for one year is $1,500. These fees will allow you to monitor your company credit score and payment history anytime.

Business Credit with Personal Guarantee:

We can get you funding fast by leveraging the strength of your personal credit. Our partner and team have in depth understanding of small business lending. We can provide business lines of credit to new and growing businesses in as fast as 2 weeks. Our unsecured business line of credit will assist you to:

1. Grow your business with up to $50,000 flexible, only pay interest on funds you use

2. Will not hurt your personal credit but improve it

3. It is easier to qualify for than personal loans

4. Approvals in 2 business days

5. Funding as fast as 10 business days

6. Enjoy introductory rates as low as 0%
To order Business Credit Services call 1-888-810-7070 x 203 to speak with our Business Credit Consultant.

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