Quickbooks Expert Services

Accountiviti provides ongoing accounting outsourcing to QuickBooks users. We also provide unlimited accounting and Quickbooks support to clients that want to host their data-file on Accountiviti Desktop Online Server. Our support is the best in the industry in that our QuickBooks Advisors and Support Accountant will personally trouble-shoot your accounting problems by login-on to your data-file to resolve your issues.

What we can do for Quickbook Users

1. Help our clients to purchase QuickBooks Software at discounted price.

2. Host your QuickBooks data-file in our online secured-servers in the Data-Center for easy anytime and anywhere access through the Internet.

3. Set-up your Company Data-File properly or fine-tune your old QuickBooks Data-File.

4. On a monthly basis, our accountants will enter all your accounting transactions into QuickBooks company file. This includes checks, deposits, and other transactions affecting the checking account. It also includes estimates, invoices, credit memos, and all customer transactions. It includes vendor transactions: bills, item receipts, checks, credit card charges, and purchase orders.

5. Perform bank reconciliations for all your checking accounts and credit cards accountsWe will also enter adjusting journal entries as necessary, including depreciation.

6. All of the above transactions will be entered from original source documents you sent to us and all source documents will be attached to forms in QuickBooks.

Call us today at 1-888-810-7070 to speak to one of our Accounts Manager.

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